Clinical Development
  • Clinical development-the bottleneck of innovative drug development in china

  • Clinical development is extremely difficult and demanding

  • Average of 6 years
    Average of RMB 3.3 Billion-6.6 Billion
  • Only around 1 out of 10 drug candidates that enter the clinical stage will succeed
  • Exceptionally high requirements on knowledge, experience, quality management, and compliance
  • Clinical development is the only method to test a drug’s safety and effectiveness in humans, and directly determines the success or failure of an innovative drug
  • Challenges for clinical development in China

  • Compared to countries with leading pharmaceutical industries, China is a late starter in clinical development. Also, the number of clinical studies (especially Ph I) are relatively low.
  • CStone has the weapon to break the bottleneck of clinical development

  • A world class clinical development team

  • Our clinical team has broad experience and expertise in early stage clinical development of oncology drugs with an average of 15 years of experience in multinational biopharmaceutical companies. The team has extensive hands-on experience in setting up development plans andexecuting clinical trials on targeted therapies, immune oncology therapies and combination therapies for solid and hematological cancers. Over the year, the team has made significant contribution to the successful development of over 10 global top selling oncology drugs and several innovative new drugs, including the first PD-1 monoclonal antibody (also the first IO drug) originated from China.

  • A high-quality, high-efficiency, and low-cost model for innovative drug development

  • High-quality, low-cost
    To ensure quality, CStone keeps the most critical clinical development functions in-house, while collaborating with the best CROs to lower operating costs and conduct multiple clinical trials simultaneously.
  • High-efficiency
    Leverage an innovative model to shorten the timeline for clinical development
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